Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers



What courses do you offer?

Under the FODE curriculum, we offer Grade 7 to Grade 12 courses.

We also offer world-class Tertiary-level courses which will help kick-start your career.


Do I actually get registered with FODE?

All students who enroll with us are ultimately registered with FODE. In fact, FODE facilitates their examinations (external assessment) and certification. We only facilitate studies and internal assessments (assignments).


How do I Register/Enroll?

Thank you for your interest to register or enroll.

Sure, we’re glad to help you out in this regard.

First and foremost, you will have to visit our website:

Then you click on the Grade button of whatever grade you want to enroll in.

Then you decide on whether you want to enroll in individual courses for that particular grade or in a cluster of courses. The courses are grouped into clusters according to the programs you wish undertake. For example, you have Grade 9 ICT and Grade 9 Business Studies.

Then you simply click on the enroll button.

You are then asked to provide your details including your Name, Email and others.

When you are done, simply click on ‘Buy’. You will actually be registered immediately. However, your course will still be inactive.

You will have to make payment into our BSP Cheque Account  7007364339.

You can make the payment by manual deposit in-branch or transfer via mobile banking.

After we receive confirmation of your payment, your course will be actually activated for you to start your lessons immediately.

It’s as simple as that.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any comments or questions.




Do I fill an Application Form?

Students enroll/apply online so that their accounts are created instantly, and their resources made available automatically.

Registration is fast, easy, instant, free and is done anytime, anywhere.

So to apply, please visit our website


How do I do my assignments and submit them?

You do your assignments electronically and submit them electronically on the website. If you login to your account there and access your courses and assignments, you will be able to see the forms to upload and submit your assignments.


What about Exams and Certificates

We only facilitate Studies and Internal Assessments by Assignments

Examination (External Assessments) and Certification are facilitated by the Education Department.

You will sit for examinations at designated times every year around October, together with other FODE students nationwide, just like conventional Secondary Schools.

You will also be issued a certificate (Grade 10 or Grade 12) by the Education Department.


Is this (Online Courses) a new concept, and will it work for me?

Top High Schools and Universities world-wide like Harvard and Cambridge are offering their courses via the online mode, precisely the same as what we are doing.

This is a tried and tested concept with many benefits (though it has disadvantages too – but then all systems have disadvantages – none is perfect.).

Moreover, it is in line with the new FODE motto of ‘Your School Anytime, Anywhere’ and of reaching out to everyone regardless of age, marital status, ethnicity, physical disability etc. Essentially, this undertaking is the embracing of technology to alleviate issues and advance education just as we are using FB (which is even better – being FREE) to socialize and reach out etc.


Can you explain this new concept??

This new concept is called E-Learning

Once we had just mail and banking and socializing but now things are starting to have an ‘E’ in front and we are using  E-mail and E-banking. Moreover, we are here on Facebook E-socialising. This is the way forward, the trend, the solution.

In E-Banking, without going into the branch, you can now check your account balance, transfer funds, withdraw, and do other transaction. You can even deposit (new ATMs allow you to deposit).

The same is true with E-Learning. Everything that you would expect in a physical school setup is there, albeit in electronic format. You will have:

  • Registration/Enrollment
  • Online tutors,
  • Virtual classrooms,
  • Lessons/tutorials,
  • Discussions,
  • Questions and answers sessions,
  • Assignments/Assessments,
  • Resources/Materials.
  • E-library
  • Examination
  • Certification
  • More….

Even interaction with your courses mates and tutor take place via the various tools provided

The online tutors will do everything a teacher does in a physical setup, including, but not limited to:

  • Posts lessons,
  • Answer students’ questions,
  • Provide support,
  • Provide Training,
  • Receive and mark assignments submitted online
  • Liaise with FODE for students’ registration, assessment records and other matters.



How is it Anytime, Anywhere?

Examination (External Assessments) and Certification are facilitated by the Education Department.

You will sit for examinations at designated times every year around October, together with other FODE students nationwide, just like conventional Secondary Schools.

You will also be issued a certificate (Grade 10 or Grade 12) by the Education Department.

We only facilitate Enrollment/Registration, Studies and Internal Assessments by Assignments.

And you can these with us anytime, anywhere.

For example, it is now November and if you are a student taking up grade 9 studies this year and wishing to continue into grade 10 next year, you can enroll now and begin your grade 10 studies immediately. However, we only facilitate studies and assignments (internal assessments). Examinations and Certification are facilitated by the Education Department. So that means, you will sit for your grade 10 exams next year, and consequently receive your Grade Certificate. Examination and Certification will have to be next year, around October. But you can enroll immediately now, or in January or February.

And if you enroll in grade 10 next year July or August, then you commence you studies immediately then. But you will have to wait for examination and certification the following year. That is what we mean by enrolling and studying anytime, anywhere. Again, we only facilitate enrollment and studies and internal assessment. And we do this anytime. But examination and certification are facilitated by the Education Department only at designated times every year, usually around October.


Can I do my Grade 7 and Grade 8 with you?

Yes FODE curriculum covers grades 7 & 8 too. We can offer these to interested students.

For grades 9-12 you can enroll here:

However, for grade 7 & 8, you have to make special request via email info@fodesc.pngedu.c­om

We did not include Grades 7 & 8 because they are best handled by primary schools.


Can I upgrade my marks?

Yes, you can upgrade your Grade 8, 10 and 12 marks.


Can a Grade 10 dropout go straight to do Grade 12 studies?

Just the mode of study here is different. However, everything else is just the same.

We are just following the normal process. In the normal system, can you go from Grade 10 straight to Grade 12? Of course you cannot do that. The same is true here.

You will have to make your way up from Grade 9 to Grade 10 to Grade 11 and then on to Grade 12.

If you did lower grades somewhere, you can always continue with us.

For example, if you did Grades 9 – 11 somewhere, then you can do just Grade 12 with us.


Do you have payment installment plans?

We have two basic plans.

Firstly, you can pay in full.

Secondly, you can pay per subject.

In between these two plans, of course you can pay for two or more subjects at a time.


What device is needed to study

Any device that has internet access can be used for your studies. The device many can afford is smartphone.

The recommended device, though, is a phablet (Phone-tablet) or simply – a tablet that has a sim card slot.

Some are comfortable with 5inch screen size but the recommended screen size is 7inch and above.

The required app is a pdf editor like Xodo which will be used to do your assignments. This app can do alot of things including opening 2 or more books at the same time in different tabs. This app can be downloaded free from Google Playstore.

Another recommended app is a Text-to Speech (TTS) app which will convert text to speech by reading your books to you. This will save you from reading your books, instead you will only listen as they are read to you. The TTS app will read your resource to you, much like a personal tutor . There are many such apps on Google Playstore.


How much data is needed to do my studies online, and how do I save data?

Firstly, there are data-saving tips you can employ. For example, after accessing your materials, you can switch off your data mode to save.

Secondly, you can just download your materials to work offline later.

As for the amount of data required, a 500Mb is more than enough to download materials and also submit your assignments.

A 500Mb costs just K4 in the Digicel Night Pass.

Moreover, there is also the 1.2Gb for just K6 and K4 in the same Night Pass.

And if you want to work during the day, you can get 1Gb for K10. Again this is great value and is more than enough.

Above all, things are getting brighter with internet costs decreasing compared to a few years back, and will get better still.


Where are you located?

We are located at Portion 2292 Milinch of Kokopo, Fourmil Rabaul.

This is along the Kokopo to Warangoi Road at what used to be Myuna Plantation. It is close to what used to be Wairiki Plantatation.

However, our services are not restricted to East New Britons as they are online and can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Can I join you and earn money?

Join our Affiliate Program and earn K30 000 to K300 000, or even more, every year.

It is free to join and very easy to make money.

All you need to do is refer students to us, and when the students register/enroll and pay, you get paid 5% of the amount which is equal to K30 for Grades 9 & 10 and K35 for Grades 11 & 12.

The primary marketing material you will need can be downloaded and printed by you and distributed.

You can copy this URL and paste it to the address bar of your web browser:

Make sure you get the details of the students you refer.

Please also join our Affiliates Group on Facebook:



For details on how to do your studies and assignments, please refer to below. Feel free to download it.


It is all paperless.

Your resources (course books) are electronic.

You do your assignments electronically and submit them electronically on the website.

If you login to your account and access your assessments/assignments, you will be able to see the forms to upload and submit your assignments.

The app we use and recommend is Xodo, which can be download free on Playstore.

Note that you can do two (2) main things with this app:

  1.  You can VIEW your resource and thus do your studies
  2. You can EDIT your resource, and thus do your assignment

There are tons of features. You can open two or more resources at the same time, in different tabs. This will enable you to simply switch between the tabs. This is useful if you want to complete your assignment and referring to your assignment at the same time.

To do your assignment,you can use free hand to enter characters (letters & numbers etc) by swiping your fingers on the touch pad/screen, or you can use the keyboard

To do your assignment using the keyboard, follow the steps/methods below:

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