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Thanks for your interest.

We offer online secondary education in Grade 9 to Grade 12 using the new aligned FODE curriculum that is now the same as that of conventional secondary schools.

We are online and accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You enroll, study and do assignments with us online at our website:

Students enroll/apply online so that their accounts are created instantly, and their resources made available automatically.

Registration is fast, easy, instant, free and is done anytime, anywhere.

So to apply, please visit our website

It’s just the same as that of the official FODE under the Education Department: the same new aligned curriculum, the same mode (electronic), the same process for national examinations etc.

The only difference is we are a private FODE Study Center and we are focusing on the online mode of study for registration, studies, assignments, discussions etc. It’s all electronic (paperless). This is a tried and tested concept and there are many advantages that address the many issues we face in education today including limited spaces, high costs, lack of resources, deteriorating facilities, inaccessibility etc. This is the trend.

In E-Banking, without going into the branch, you can now check your account balance, transfer funds, withdraw, and do other transactions. You can even deposit (new ATM allows you to do that).

The same is true with E-Learning. Everything that you would expect in a physical school setup is there, albeit in electronic format. You will have: Registration/Enrollment, Online tutors, Virtual classrooms, Lessons/tutorials, Assignments/Assessments, Discussions, Questions and answers sessions, Resources/Materials, E-library, etc. Even interaction with your courses mates and tutor take place via the various tools provided.

However, when it comes to Grades 10 & 12 national exams, you will physically sit for these in your own province. We will arrange everything for you.

Examination and certification are facilitated by the Education Department.

At the end of the day, students are not ours but they are registered with FODE and are ultimately FODE students.

We, PNGSME Web Services (PNGSMEWS), are registered with IPA (6-202070) and have a Tax Identification Number (500614727) from IRC. We are 100% nationally owned and operated.

Primarily, we offer web services (made possible by our affiliation with a hi-tech global partner). We also provide training in various world-class courses through our NTC-certified trainers. Moreover, we are a private (PNGSMEWS) FODE Study Center.

Flexible, Open and Distance Education (FODE) is a division under the National Education Department. FODE has Provincial FODE Centers which are extensions/branches of the official FODE. In addition to the FODE Provincial Centers, there are FODE Study Centers which are private. PNGSMEWS FODE Study Center is one such private FODE Study Center.

In a project co-funded by the World Bank and the PNG Government, FODE, in conjunction with teachers from selected secondary schools came up with a new aligned curriculum which is similar to that of conventional secondary schools. It was launched in April 2017. FODE students are also covered by the Free Education Policy (TFF).

Strategically, FODE adopted a new motto: “Your School Anytime, Anywhere”. Studies are now electronic. Everything is now online on the official FODE website which is under the National Department of Education main website. FODE also has a policy that stipulates no restrictions on age, marital status, physical disability etc.

Adopting the above FODE approach, PNGSMEWS FODE Study Center also focuses on the online mode of study enabling us to help anyone, anytime, anywhere. Students study in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Our online services make studying more convenient, affordable and cost-saving, flexible, safe & secure, modern, and more…. The online mode of study is a tried and tested concept that has many benefits and is widely embraced by top High Schools and Universities world-wide like Harvard and Cambridge.

Our students studying online at secondary level will be better equipped for tertiary level studies in this electronic day and age. A mainstream tertiary institution, Divine Word University is going paperless, and registration to examination (and everything in between) are now electronic. That’s the trend.

On the necessity of FODE, here is an excerpt of an article published by the Post Courier on October 26, 2017:

About 115,000 grade 8 students in 3007 primary schools throughout the country will sit for their final examinations from Monday, October 30, to Thursday, November 2. Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, said this examination was important for the students because it will determine whether they continue into grade nine or not. He said that the cut-off mark to be eligible to be selected into grade nine has been raised by the Provincial Education Board due to limitations of space in secondary schools, including the National Capital District. “However, I urge the provinces to provide alternative pathways such as Flexible, Open and Distance Education (FODE) and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to all our children so that they reach grade 12 or have employable vocational and technical skills,” he said….

Unfortunately, many in our province are not aware of the FODE alternative pathway, especially the online mode of study.

Thus, as a stakeholder, PNGSMEWS FODE Study Center aims to reach out to everyone in the province who missed out (or will miss out) on places in conventional secondary schools.

Our online mode of study will accommodate tens of thousands and provide quality secondary education, thus helping to achieve the noble Visions of the National Education Department, let alone the Provincial Education Division. We are a partner in and endeavor to achieve the Visions, Missions and Goals of the National Education Plan, not to mention the Provincial Education Plan (PEP).

Our goal is to ultimately improve the education standard by maximizing web technology to cut costs and alleviate issues like lack of equipment/tools, deteriorating facilities, inaccessibility and others.

We’re like an Online Secondary School.

We are the Online Secondary School for Anyone
You can enroll in Grade 9 to Grade 12, Anytime, Anywhere
Study and Submit Assignments Online

• You take the new aligned FODE Curriculum (electronic) which is now similar to what is taken by students in conventional secondary schools.
• You sit for Grade 10 & Grade 12 National Examinations and get Grade 10 & Grade 12 Certificates similar to students in conventional secondary schools.
• You are covered by TFF similar to students in conventional secondary schools.
• You have access to official quality FODE Resources in full colour.
• You can achieve you dream of becoming a Lawyer or Doctor etc similar to students in conventional secondary schools.
• You get the same opportunity to enter mainstream tertiary institutions like Unitech and UPNG similar to students in conventional secondary schools.
• Moreover, the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST) is working to establish a University that will connect FODE in terms of open and distance learning. This will allow students completing the FODE program to be able to study diploma and degree courses.
• Above all, this online mode of study is more flexible, convenient, time-saving, affordable & cost-saving, safe & secure, modern, and more….
• Top High Schools and Universities world-wide like Harvard and Cambridge are offering their courses via the online mode, precisely the same as what we are doing here.
• Do it all online from the comfort and safety of your own home, at a mere fraction of the cost – Any Place, any Pace, Any Time, Any Age, Any Budget, Many More…
• Complete Grades 9 to 12 regardless of age, employed or unemployed, married or single, any physical disability, or location etc…(FODE policy)
• Or simply upgrade your Grade 10 & Grade 12 marks/grades

To do your studies, you will need only K4 to purchase a 1GB Data in the Digicel Night Pass and download all your materials.
You can begin your studies by enrolling in a subject with just K110.

Only K110 x 6 subjects for Grade 9s and Grade 10s (K660)
Only K110 x 7 subjects for Grade 11s and Grade 12s (K770)

Need help? Submit a support ticket and our online support staff will help you out. Great support system in place. Also check out our FAQs if your question has been answered.

Take part in forums which provide an opportunity for students to engage with each other and directly with tutors on issues that are important to their learning experience.
Start new topics about issues you face, or post replies to existing topics.
Engage, collaborate and make learning fun!

Meet your course mates online and interact on our very own social network to enrich your learning.
‘Add Friend’, send ‘Message’, see “Who’s Online’, ‘View Profile’ and more….
Engage, collaborate and make learning fun!

Thank you for your trust. We have students from all over PNG and even Australia (PNG citizens but Australian residents), school leavers and non-school leavers, employed and unemployed, married and single etc.

Thank you for your interest to register/enroll.

Sure, we’re glad to help you out in this regard.

For Grade 9s and Grade 10s, you are required to undertake 6 subjects in order to be certified. The fee per subject is K110. So you can pay in installments of K110 per subject or you can pay the full fee of K660.

For Grade 11s and Grade 12s, you are required to undertake 6 subjects in order to be certified. The fee per subject is K110. So you can pay in installments of K110 per subject or you can pay the full fee of K770.

First and foremost, you will have to visit our website:

Then you click on the Grade button of whatever grade you want to enroll in.
You then decide whether you want to enroll in individual courses for that particular grade or in a cluster of courses. The courses are grouped into clusters according to the programs you wish undertake. For example, you have Grade 9 ICT and Grade 9 Business Studies.

Then you simply click on the enroll button.

You are then asked to provide your details including your Name, Email and others.

When you are done, simply click on ‘Buy’. You will actually be registered immediately.

Registration is free and easy and instant.

However, your course will still be inactive.

You will have to make payment into our BSP Cheque Account 7007364339.

You can make the payment by manual deposit in-branch or transfer via mobile banking or internet banking.

After we receive confirmation of your payment, your course will be actually activated for you to start your lessons immediately.

It’s as simple as that.

If you encounter any issues or want more information, feel free to call us on 71199723 or email us at

You can also inbox us on Facebook:

Alternately, you can send us a ‘Support Ticket’ on our website: after checking out the FAQs.

Finally, feel free to visit us physically at our office at Mayuna, along the Kokopo-Warangoi road, ENBP. Moreover, we have affiliates in other provinces too.


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