Paperless (Electronic)

The Electronic Day & Age


It is all paperless.

Your resources (course books) are electronic.

You do your assignments electronically and submit them electronically on the website.

If you login to your account and access your assessments/assignments, you will be able to see the forms to upload and submit your assignments.

The app we use and recommend is Xodo, which can be download free on Playstore.

Note that you can do two (2) main things with this app:

  1.  You can VIEW your resource and thus do your studies
  2. You can EDIT your resource, and thus do your assignment

There are tons of features. You can open two or more resources at the same time, in different tabs. This will enable you to simply switch between the tabs. This is useful if you want to complete your assignment and referring to your assignment at the same time.

To do your assignment,you can use free hand to enter characters (letters & numbers etc) by swiping your fingers on the touch pad/screen, or you can use the keyboard

To do your assignment using the keyboard, follow the steps/methods below:




Another app we recommend is the TEXT TO SPEECH app which basically does what its name state: it converts text to speech. This is useful if you would like the app to read your resources to you, much like a personal tutor.



Something about E-Learning and the Internet

We have set up a web-based School Management System, Learning Management System (E-Learning), Online Database E-Library, and other integrated systems which will give access to learning for all, at any time, from anywhere.

The integrated School Management System manages complete school operation, giving different access rights for Admin, Teacher, Student, and Parent. The Learning Management System covers everything from online student registration to exams and certification. Among many other things, it will allow teachers to post all lessons online to be accessible by students (anytime, anywhere), follow up on assignments that students can submit online and check these online with the ability to add remarks.

But these are just the tip of the ice-berg. Overall, it has many more benefits.  Ultimately, this undertaking will improve the standard of education using Web Technology.

This undertaking introduces the online mode of study which is a tried and tested concept that has many advantages and will alleviate the many issues we face in education today including limited spaces, high costs, lack of infrastructure, lack of resources (including human),outdated materials, deteriorating facilities, inaccessibility etc. This is the trend: this is the electronic day and age. It is the solution.

The Internet is a vital part of the education process; resources for learning and educating are implemented into lesson plans and homework every day. With less cost, effort and resources on the providers part students can access unlimited amounts of information to broaden their education. With Internet access in schools, there is almost no limit to what students can learn. In the past decade, internet in education has significantly increased in popularity mainly because it offers clear benefits over conventional educational facilities. Traditional teaching methods might not be the norm anymore.

And a school that utilizes internet in education shows it is a truly professional and modern outfit and is steps ahead of its peers, regardless of its physical parameters. That school also saves tons of money, time and other resources while giving it the ability to reach out to many more students than would have been possible in the traditional settings, thus increasing intake and revenue etc.

Websites have revolutionized virtually every sector of society from business to communication to entertainment and to education, including the Government and Church. Website have transformed the way we buy and sell, govern/administer, evangelize, communicate and teach/learn etc.

A website is absolutely necessary in this electronic day and age. A website is a tireless employee that can serve thousands of clients concurrently 24/7/365 without over-time payment. It can teach, process payments, answer queries, store information, and facilitate other processes. It is practically unlimited. Moreover, a website is the best, most cost-effective marketing medium which alone is interactive and dynamic.

A website is a tireless employee working 24/7/365 as a teller giving account balance, accounts clerk processing online payments, customer service officer giving information, marketing officer interactively displaying your brand and products using texts/images/videos, teacher giving lessons and other performing other tasks including registration, receptionist taking your messages, and a lot more. A website is of great importance in Business, Education, Government and other sectors. In fact, a website is indispensable in this day and age.

When government is constantly being asked to do more with less, the Internet is playing a vital role in allowing government to better serve all of its citizens.

A websites is the best portal to provide important government information and services to citizens. The Internet is dramatically changing the way that American government serves the public. Taking advantage of new technology, many governments are using the web to offer citizens a host of services.

With the rapid changes in the Internet and in assistive technologies used by people, government organizations should work to establish accessibility of web pages that permit innovation to continue.

The internet is an unparalleled experience that has revolutionized the educational system. Many documented studies by top public (Incl. US & UK Education Depts.) and private organizations have shown that the internet is of high significance to education: it is indispensable. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is one of them. In fact the UNESCO has set up the separate UNESCO Institute for Information Technology in Education (IITE) which is dedicated to researching, promoting and educating the masses on the immeasurable benefits of using the internet in Education.

Thus it comes as no surprise that all the top universities in the world utilize the incredible power of the internet, which includes offering online education leading to various certifications including Diplomas, Degrees, Masters and Doctorates.

Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) needs to maximize the advancement in web technology which provides opportunity to expand its reach to the target audience as well as serve its existing members and loyalists in a far effective manner.

The solution is to design a website for Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) in order to serve and support clients and to reach out to the community.

To realize this, PNGSME Web Services has the perfect solution. We have successfully developed/designed a website that facilitates registration, studies, assessments, support and training etc for Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE).

It’s paperless: everything is electronic. Students do their assignments electronically and submit to us using assignment submission forms on their accounts on our website.

Students enroll/apply online so that their accounts are created instantly, and their resources made available automatically.

Everything that you would expect in a physical school setup is there, albeit in electronic format. You will have: Registration/Enrollment, Online tutors, Virtual classrooms, Lessons/tutorials, Discussions, Questions and answers sessions, Assignments/Assessments, Resources/Materials, E-library, Examination, Certification, More….

Even interaction with your courses mates and tutor take place via the various tools provided

The online tutors will do everything a teacher does in a physical setup, including, but not limited to: Posts lessons, Answer students’ questions, Provide support, Provide Training, Receive and mark assignments submitted online, Liaise with FODE for students’ registration, assessment records and other matters.

This undertaking should not be perceived as a problem but rather a solution that must be embraced and refined as necessary.

When Thomas Edison invented electricity, he met fierce opposition in terms of viability, safety, certification etc. But now we are all using electricity. It was the same with the Wright brothers when they invented flying: now we are flying in airplanes. There are countless other examples, including even Jesus Christ, the Lord. Albert Einstein said that ‘Great Spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds’.

And it does not need an Einstein to figure out that this undertaking will help alleviate the many issues we face in Education today including lack of space, high costs, inaccessibility, lack of infrastructure, deteriorating facilities, outdated resources and the list goes on.

This noble undertaking should not be met with opposition. ‘Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come’. Yes this is the electronic day and age and we are all embracing these changes as evident in the fact that once we had just mail and banking and socializing but now things are starting to have an ‘E’ in front and we are using E-mail and E-banking. Moreover, we are on Facebook E-socialising now. We must also accept E-learning. It is the way forward, the trend, the solution.

A school can offer different modes of study. Every single school is delivering/offering via fulltime (in-class), part-time, distance learning, online learning, blended learning, night classes, weekend classes etc. The same content matter is delivered but the mode of delivery varies. Additionally, they can print books or just give e-books. Universities are doing this. And so with FODE Study Centers.

Again, online is just another MODE OF STUDY. FODE Study Centers can use the study mode of full-time (everyday) or just several days a week or just weekend classes or night classes or even online etc. That is precisely why it is called “FLEXIBLE, OPEN and DISTANCE EDUCATION (FODE).

In fact, official FODE itself initiated the concept of electronic learning online. We are only following suit and extending their noble initiative.

We are all supposed to be working together for solutions to our education woes instead of fighting each other and ignoring the real issues. And the online mode of study is very convenient, cost-saving, time-saving, safe and secure, and many more.

For the good of our nation, we are supposed to be cooperating and not competing.

The bottom line is we are partners and we are all working towards the same goal of delivering education services and ultimately contributing to the advancement of our nation

We would like to partner with you to alleviate the issues faced in Education, and we will endeavor to realize the noble Visions, Missions and Goals of the National and Provincial Education Plans.

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