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This web portal is an initiative of PNGSME Web Services (PNGSMEWS) operating as a Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) Study Center. It was designed and developed, and is hosted and maintained, by PNGSMEWS.

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This undertaking is facilitated by PNGSMEWS FODE Study Center to fulfill its vision to to provide 'Online Secondary Education to All'

This online mode follows the new aligned Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) Curriculum which is now similar to what students take in conventional secondary schools. The new FODE curriculum is a project co-funded by the Government of Papua New Guinea and the World Bank.


Our FODE Online Mode of Study

We, PNGSME Web Services (PNGSMEWS), are registered with IPA (6-202070) and have a Tax Identification Number (500614727) from IRC. We are 100% nationally owned and operated. Primarily, we offer web services (made possible by our affiliation with a hi-tech global partner). We also provide training in various world-class courses through our NTC-certified trainers. Moreover, we are a private (PNGSMEWS) FODE Study Center.

Flexible, Open and Distance Education (FODE) is a division under the National Education Department. FODE has Provincial FODE Centres which are extensions/branches of the official FODE. In addition to the FODE Provincial Centers, there are FODE Study Centers which are private. PNGSMEWS FODE Study Center is one such private FODE Study Center.  

In a project co-funded by the World Bank and the PNG Government, FODE, in conjunction with teachers from selected secondary schools came up with a new aligned curriculum which is similar to that of conventional secondary schools. It was launched in April 2017. FODE students are also covered by the Free Education Policy (TFF).

Strategically, FODE adopted a new motto: “Your School Anytime, Anywhere”. Studies are now electronic. Everything is now online on the official FODE website which is under the National Department of Education main website. FODE also has a policy that stipulates no restrictions on age, marital status, physical disability etc.

Adopting the above FODE approach, PNGSMEWS FODE Study Center also focuses on the online mode of study enabling us to help anyone, anytime, anywhere. Students study in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Our online services make studying more convenient, affordable and cost-saving, flexible, safe & secure, modern, and more…. The online mode of study is a tried and tested concept that has many benefits and is widely embraced by top High Schools and Universities world-wide like Harvard and Cambridge.

On the necessity of FODE, here is an excerpt of an article published by the Post Courier on October 26, 2017:

About 115,000 grade 8 students in 3007 primary schools throughout the country will sit for their final examinations from Monday, October 30, to Thursday, November 2.
Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, said this examination was important for the students because it will determine whether they continue into grade nine or not.
He said that the cut-off mark to be eligible to be selected into grade nine has been raised by the Provincial Education Board due to limitations of space in secondary schools, including the National Capital District.
“However, I urge the provinces to provide alternative pathways such as Flexible, Open and Distance Education (FODE) and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to all our children so that they reach grade 12 or have employable vocational and technical skills,” he said….

Unfortunately, many in our province are not aware of the FODE alternative pathway, especially the online mode of study.

Thus, as a stakeholder, PNGSMEWS FODE Study Center aims to reach out to everyone in the province who missed out (or will miss out) on places in conventional secondary schools. Our online mode of study will accommodate tens of thousands and provide quality secondary education, thus helping to achieve the noble Visions of the National Education Department, let alone the Provincial Education Division.

Our goal is to ultimately improve the education standard by maximizing web technology to cut costs and alleviate issues like lack of equipment/tools, deteriorating facilities, inaccessibility and others. We’re like an Online Secondary School.

On that note, we hereby humbly request you to partner with us in this venture and help achieve the Visions, Missions and Goals of the National Education Plan, not to mention the Provincial Education Plan (PEP).




PNGSME Web Services is registered under the Business Name Act with the Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority (IPA). It is a 100% nationally owned and operated.

PNGSME Web Services partners with a hi-tech global partner to provide high-tech web services to local partners. This partnership is between PNGSME Web Services and global hi-tech firm LiquidNet Ltd which is well established in the web hosting industry. LiquidNet Group is a global web hosting provider based in London, UK, but operating all over the globe, providing innovative cloud hosting solutions through local country portals. Over 40.000 clients are hosted on our cloud clustered servers housed in data centers on three continents, with over 200.000 domains are registered with us.



PNGSME Web Services affiliates with hi-tech global partners to provide hi-tech services to local SME partners in the fields of domain registration, web hosting, website design, web development, training and quality 24/7/365 customer support.

This partnership allows PNGSME Web Services’ clients access 5 state-of-art datacenters worldwide, with 99.99% uptime guarantee, and a host of other benefits. These include integrated web-based systems like E-Commerce and E-Learning among others.  We provides a wide range of services including web hosting, domain registration, web design, web development, consulting and training.

PNGSME Web Services offers customer-oriented services and delivers creative and effective results, with quality 24/7/365 customer support.

The World Wide Web is indispensable in this day and age, and enterprises who tap into it have a great advantage over their competitors. Our ready solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises to gain from their websites and respective online activities, including email, marketing and networking.

PNGSME Web Services enables companies and individuals alike to take advantage of the World Wide Web and establish online presence in the ever expanding global network. Our domain and hosting account registration services are online, fully automated, instant and available 24/7/365.

The main website of PNGSME Web Services is where you can access all our services.

The World Bank and the Government of Papua New Guinea have concluded that promoting and supporting the Small – Medium Enterprise (SME) sector in the country would create more job opportunities, as well as diversify the country’s economy.

And PNGSME Web Services could not agree more. That is why we came up with this site. PNGSME.COM is the web platform for SMEs in PNG.

A scrutiny of the websites of SMEs in thriving economies revealed a common aspect that contributed a lot to their success. Countries with thriving SME sectors have, among other things, well developed web-based systems that handle every aspect from administration to marketing to sales, and ultimately facilitate the advancement of their respective industries.

A website goes far beyond the functions of marketing and actually goes on to processing. Such a website is the best employer which is available 24/7/365 and will tirelessly and automatically process thousands of client queries simultaneously like online booking, online payment processing, auto-responding to emails, answer enquiries, automatically give information, and notify administrators/management and so on. A website truly has endless capabilities.

Being familiar with the niceties of the industry, we are aware of the significance of an ‘online presence’ to business, government, education, Church and all other sectors/industries.

The internet has revolutionized virtually every sector of society from business to communication to entertainment and to education, including the Government and Church. It has transformed the way we buy and sell, govern/administer, evangelize, communicate and teach/learn etc.

A website will host a Learning Management System (LMS), E-Commerce, Management Database and the countless other things. A website is the best employee that can serve thousands of clients simultaneously 24/7/365 without over-time. It can teach, process payments, answer queries, store information, and facilitate other processes. It is practically unlimited. Moreover, a website is the best, most cost-effective marketing medium which alone is interactive and dynamic. In fact, a website is indispensable in this day and age.


We can design your website and set up your e-learning system, e-commerce system, e-mail system and any other online system for you. A website is indispensable in this day and age, in the Government, Business, Education and all other sectors.

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